Seattle Family Law Attorney

Family matters are, by nature, emotionally charged. When you’re in the midst of a divorce or a complicated adoption, it is imperative that you work with somebody who, despite understanding your emotions, can set them aside in favor of a logical, more effective approach. That’s exactly how Mark Schoener operates as a family lawyer, and it’s why he’s in such high demand in the Seattle area.

If you need assistance with a family matter, consider working with Seattle family lawyer Mark Schoener. He will help you secure the best possible outcome for your legal situation, whether it involves divorce, adoption, or some other family matter.

How Seattle Family Law Attorney Mark Schoener Helps Clients

Mark Schoener works with a variety of clients, many of whom live and work in Seattle. Clients approach him in need of assistance with a variety of legal matters, but divorce and legal separation are two of their main areas of concern. He understands the pain brought about by a messy divorce or separation, but he also knows that this emotional burden can be minimized if the spouses’ lawyers approach the process with a spirit of cooperation.

Issues resolved with Mark Schoener’s assistance include child custody, visitation, alimony, tax concerns, and paternity disputes. Many of his clients prefer to approach these and other issues in an amicable manner, but Mark Schoener is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to bring about a satisfying legal victory in court.

The Value of a Compassionate Seattle Family Lawyer

A lifelong resident of Seattle, Mark Schoener has a clear understanding of the local legal system and all of its complications — especially as those complications relate to divorce and other areas of family law. Over the years, he’s developed several valuable relationships in the legal community, and these relationships often prove useful as he guides his clients through the legal process. Clients consistently commend him for his attentive service and his exceptional articulation of complicated legal matters.

For family counsel you can trust, look to Mark Schoener of the Seattle law firm Hart Schoener Bliss, PS. He will provide the high-quality counsel and legal representation needed to ensure a positive future for you and your family. Reach out to Mark Schoener today to learn more about his background in family law and his legal approach.