Mark R. Schoener

Mark Richard Schoener is a passionate Seattle attorney with an excellent track record in personal injury and family law. During his several decades of work in the Seattle area, he has successfully resolved hundreds of complex personal injury and family cases. Whether you are currently pursuing divorce or a personal injury settlement, you can count on Mark Schoener to deliver the legal outcome you desire.

An Exceptional Seattle Attorney

It is important to work with a lawyer who possesses a thorough understanding of not only the local legal system, but also the feel of the community and how the average client wishes to be treated. Mark Richard Schoener knows Seattle inside and out, having lived there his entire life. He attended the University of Washington as an undergraduate student, and, after deciding to pursue a career in law, enrolled at the Seattle University School of Law. He was the proud recipient of the American Jurisprudence Awards in Civil Procedure and Evidence in 1978.
After he graduated from law school, Mark Schoener began his private practice in his beloved hometown of Seattle. During his time as a Seattle attorney, he has handled a variety of personal injury and family cases. He has an excellent reputation throughout the city of Seattle, with clients speaking highly of his attentive service and his commitment to achieving favorable results.

The best lawyers understand the importance of building community connections and remaining up to date on changes in the legal industry. Mark Schoener achieves both of these important goals by maintaining active memberships with the King County Bar Association and the Washington State Bar Association. His involvement in the legal community has allowed him to build a variety of valuable connections. These serve him well as he resolves a broad spectrum of complicated cases. Fellow attorneys are continually impressed not only by his willingness to reach out on behalf of his clients, but also by his sheer legal knowledge and courtroom skill.

Dependable Family Law and Personal Injury Representation in Seattle

If you demand the finest legal counsel available in the Seattle area, do not hesitate to contact Mark Richard Schoener. Reach out today to learn how he can help you resolve your current legal concerns and move on with your life.